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Our Services

Remote Computer Support(Home)

Requires DSL or CABLE internet service. Must be located within the United States.

Onsite Computer Support (Home)

This service is only availible to customers living within 30 miles of Fort Bragg NC.

Commercial Computer Support

Please read, as we have changed our service options for commercial support.

Onsite Commercial Training

We provide a list of onsite training from Windows operation to best security practices in the work place.

Custom Web Design

DoctorMyComputer can design your website for you. We will be happy to provide references.

Custom Software Design

DoctorMyComputer will be happy to speak with you about your current custom software needs.

Data Recovery

DoctorMyComputer has years of experience in recovering data from Hard Drives that have failed. We primarily only use 3rd party software to aid in the retrieval of data. If we do not recover your data, you do not pay anything.

and more...

DoctorMyComputer will be happy to custom design your new computer piece by piece to ensure you get exactly what you need. This option is very popular when you need a machine to perform better during gaming enviroments. We also build machines with water cooling. Call us for more information.
Do you need to buy a new computer? Do you need help deciding on what computer to buy? Let DoctorMyComputer talk it over with you, we will be more than happy to help you decide what computer will be best for your dollar. Over the years we heave helped countless people purchase their new computers. Let us help you make your decision as well.
Do you find yourself needing to get something done on your computer, but don't quite know how to do it? DoctorMyComputer will be more than happy to write you a step-by-step tutorial, or create you a video tutorial to help you with your project. Call us for more information!