Frequently Asked Questions

We listen to your questions and answer each question submitted in a public forum. If your question is not answered here in regards to the way DoctorMyComputer conducts business, please use the "CONTACT US" link and ask us your questions. We will be more than happy to answer you back directly and add it to the FAQ Section of the site.

Raising our prices has been something that has been discussed and debated for a very long time. We have continued to work cheaper as long as we possibly could. DoctorMyComputer has bills that must get paid or we cannot provide the service to as many clients as we currently have. DoctorMycomputer has grown over the years as more and more people realize the level of service that has been given. Even the customers are asking how we can afford to operate as cheaply as we do. Our answer is simply because we have no overhead, and DMC is ran from a residential setting as this affords us the opportunity to provide cheaper service.
DoctorMyComputer is ready to take another step and purchase a location to operate from. This purchase requires us to compensate the cost of doing business with the cost of service rendered. We do not plan on raising prices higher, but as time progresses we must also ensure we are not paying out of pocket to provide you the customer with support.
DoctorMyComputer has evolved from what used to be "FREE" service, as some of you die-hard Doctormycomputer fans may remember from years and years ago. We had to start charging for service simply because the customer base grew by word of mouth so large that it was costing money to function. Today we have people depending on our service and we must maintain a certain level of proficiency. This requires us to charge a little extra for service. We apologize for the increase in fees but we also hope you understand why.

Installing Team-Viewer is simple. We have taken the time to show you the process in an easy to follow tutorial that can be VIEWED HERE.

A refund for service is only available during the first 30 days of payment. If you would like a 100% refund, you must submit a hand signed request to DoctorMyComputer. A hand signed request can simply be a scanned copy of the original request that was hand signed, and send it to us via email. If sending the request via email is not an option you can mail your request to:


791 Autry Road

Lillington, NC 27546

Yes, when you choose to make a payment and you choose the dollar amount it is processed as a donation. DMC will apply the money paid as a donation directly to your account. If you were to choose a Service Option that amount would be added to your shopping cart. Once paid it would be applied to your account.

No, DoctorMyComputer has decided that this adds a layer of difficulty to the use of the site. DMC in the past would allow all users the ability to go back and review previously submitted tickets. That functionality has been removed from the site and now we are using the site simply to process payments using PayPal.

We have identified that the reason for this behavior is because you are using Google Chrome. We are working to address this issue and should have this fixed before long. This issue was brought to our attention on (6-15-2014) and we are working to find a fix. If this is becoming an issue for you, please try using another browser to view the site such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.